Sunday, February 10, 2013


Frida Kahlo DV Mode 7

By now, Frida Kahlo is probably as well known for her artwork as she is for her fashion, and her floral headpieces are the standout pieces in her complete attire.

The beautiful editorial for DV Mode is photographed by  Fredrik Wannerstedt, modeled by Åsa Engström and styled by Mona Norremo. Makeup was courtesy of Sandra Öjeland and prop styling by Anton Thorsson.

The makeup is stunning, plus I absolutely adore flowers, and these divine floral headpieces are giving me cravings!

It reminds me very much of this editorial, Latin Lover, which I posted on the blog a while back.

Frida Kahlo DV Mode

Frida Kahlo DV Mode 2

Frida Kahlo DV Mode 3

Frida Kahlo DV Mode 4

Frida Kahlo DV Mode 5

Frida Kahlo DV Mode 6

Frida Kahlo DV Mode 8

Images: Fashion Gone Rogue

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Kulsum said...

beautifully styled and photographed! Just found your blog and it's delightfully refreshing


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