Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Ombre Nails

I MUST try this Ombre manicure, seen at the Parkmoonchoo Fall 2011 show. As I’ve said before, I’m not a big fan of wearing trendy or unusual nail polish, but I’m willing to reconsider it now that I’ve seen this!

Getting this look is really easy:

You'll need three nail polishes: nude, a dark shade, and a clear topcoat. Start by painting your nails with the nude color and let them dry completely. Working one nail at a time, paint a thick layer of clear topcoat over the nude, and while the topcoat is still wet use short strokes to paint the dark color along the tip of the nail. Lay on the dark paint thickly. The color should run into the clear coat. Let nails dry completely and finish with another layer of clear topcoat.

Source: Fashionologie via Vain and Vapid


K. said...

It looks great! Just i wonder whether i can do it myself...

Alya said...

I think it's easy to do by yourself because it has to look messy and not so "clean".


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