Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Max Dorm Room

Maximilian Sinsteden is a 21 year old college senior, and this is his very eclectic and very expressive dorm room. When I think of dorm rooms, I think of shoe-box sized rooms, with white walls, a creaky wooden bed, and a very small desk. Sinsteden, a French and Art History major, turned his tiny room in Hoyt-Bowne Hall on the campus of Drew University in Madison, New Jersey, into the wonderful art filled space that it now is.

Maximilian has no formal design training. Imagine! Everything he does is due to his keen design sense. Here’s how he transformed his dorm room from standard to sublime:

  • He moved all the standard furniture to the storage.
  • Covered the linoleum floors with oriental rugs from his family.
  • Painted the walls with Ralph Lauren’s Tapestry Green.
  • Bought a vintage dresser for $80 from a thrift shop.
  • Attached a thrifted brass chandelier onto the ceiling
  • Added plaid pillows and bed linens from Ralph Lauren; Curtains and paisley pillows from Charlotte Moss.
  • Got a “hand-me-down” armchair from a client.
  • Covered the wall with artwork by him and his friends as well as thrifted items.
  • Added a tie tie rack on the wall by his father.

Max Dorm Room4

Max Dorm Room5Max Dorm Room2

It’s a shame that once he graduates, Maximilian’s room will be back to its old self. Save for the Tapestry Green walls, I assume.

Read more about Maximilian and his fabulous dorm room here.

Via: Oh Happy Day!


Al said...

oh wouldnt it be lovely to have mummy and daddy buy you a tonne of ralph lauren for your dorm room!!!

Alya said...

It would be lovely! But actually, if you read the whole article that I linked to, I'm guessing he got it from his employer. (He works part-time for interior designer Charlotte Moss)

Anna said...

WOW! Jealousy! It would be much cooler if the talent was all his though.

Lauren Jade said...

this is so cool. I wish we had been able to paint our dorm walls! They were soo strict about what we could and couldn't do (they were brand new dorms). This is awesome! LOVE the green!

Keeley said...

Ipressive! Lovin' the eclectic look.

Bahrain Fashion said...

I ADORE IT!!! Its amazing and very impressive (as Keely said)

The Haute-Shopper said...

What an awesome dorm room! His university must have been quite lenient - I'm sure not all would let you paint the walls and let you install your own lamps. It's a great idea though - after all, he's probably going to be spending a few years there!

Anna said...

Also, check my blog, you may have won a little something ;)

WendyB said...

I wish my apartment looked as nice as this dorm room!

Tea said...

I think you're just lovely.
thank you.

discothequechic said...

this is the coolest story ever!
he makes me think of max fischer from rushmore a little bit. except this guy is cooler! i don't know if i would have the dedication putting so much effort in knowing that i'd have to take it all down when it looks so lovely.

I should expect he gets a bit of a hard time from people, though!

giselaisback said...

love his room!

LipstickOne said...

i wish my dorm room would've looked like that! lol

proof that a small space can be uniquely your own

Namine said...

that's a pretty sweet room

Anonymous said...

dang i wish i could use this to inspire my dorm room. we're not allowed to paint the walls, remove any furniture, or attach ceiling lights. this would be amazing if we could


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